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Map of Australia showing research area in North Queensland.



Painted Designs on Rainforest Aboriginal Shields from North Queensland: An Analysis of Correlations between Design Styles and Geographical Distribution, by Lachlan, R.-L. (formerly Hale), James Cook University, Townsville. 1989.

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Dr Lachlan's research on the rainforest Aboriginal shields was initially commenced under a research grant from the Australian Museum, 1986 (under her former name Hale), for detailed examination of rainforest shields held at the Australian Museum, including those in the Roth Collection. With funding secured elsewhere, plus self-funding to continue and complete the study, Dr Lachlan subsequently expanded the research to include shields in collections in the major museums of Australia. The study ultimately included examination of slides and photographs in multiple collections throughout Australia. See below. While Dr Lachlan held the strongest wish to also conduct field research at a community in the Djirbal area of North Querensland, serious illness in that community naturally caused its people to be hesitant about having a research visitor during that sustained period of time. Fair enough. Although Dr Lachlan regularly drove past the entrance to the community when driving between Townsville and Cairns, she chose not to intrude on the community given the situation some of its people were facing. It is a human and ethical question that arises in this kind of research.


The thesis focused on detailed examination "of 190 slides and photographs of rainforest shields in the collections of the National Museum of Australia, the Australian Museum, the Museum of Victoria, the South Australian Museum, the Material Culture Unit of James Cook University of North Queensland, the Macleay Museum, and the Cairns Historical Museum."
(Lachlan [Hale], 1989, xv - xvi.)

The thesis was awarded the Roth Prize for most outstanding Grad. Dip. or M. Litt. thesis of the year by James Cook University.


"This thesis examines the possibility of a correlation between geographical distribution of the large wooden shields made by the Aboriginal people of the north Queensland rainforest and the designs appearing on the shields. The early chapters do this through an examination of the relationship between design and shield morphology for which a previous study had indicated correlation with geographical distribution (Abernethy 1984). Detailed analyses of the design symmetries and the relationships between these design symmetries, shield shapes, and the recorded distributions of language groups within the rainforest are also presented. In part, the study is also an attempt to find, without the benefit of field data, a theoretical and methodological basis for the study both of art and design on anthropological artefacts and the geographical distribution of artefacts on the basis of such art and design."
(Lachlan [Hale], 1989, ii.)


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  • All moral rights and any other considerations in favor of the author as provided for under law but not specified in these stipulations, are hereby asserted."
  • Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan
    May 29, 2003.

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Although Dr Lachlan is a full time contemporary artist in the U.S.A. and Australia, she periodically provides advice and liaison on Australian anthropology and material culture, the focus of her first graduate qualification, and on the arts of India and East Asia which were the focus of her PhD.

Dr Lachlan's other research - PhD Abstract

Other writings by Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (formerly Hale)

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