Contemporary Figurative Art

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"Hot Spot" by Ranna®. ©.
Hot Spots

"World View" painting by Ranna®. ©.
At Embassy

Eo-shodou fresco by Ranna®. ©

Black & white art by Ranna®. ©
Black &

Figurative Art by Ranna®. ©

Blue art by Ranna®. ©


Ranna's figurative art (page 1)

Ranna's figurative art work displays consummate drawing skill combined with off-beat visual allegory. Ranna's figurative art speaks to us of strange inversions in our lives and spiritual tension pervading the inner worlds of seekers after introspection. Visually, this figurative art confounds expectation, turns us on our heads, suspends us in unfamiliar territory. Executed in Ranna's signature Shimmer Art™ technique, this is contemporary figurative art that is both thrilling yet quietly disconcerting. (Winchester Arts Management, Washington D.C.)


"Dance" - figurative artwork, © Ranna®.

© Ranna, mixed media on cotton, 60 "x 103".
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Study for "Dance", figurative artwork, © Ranna®.

Study for Dance, © Ranna, mixed media on cotton, 36" x 60".

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How does Ranna® understand the figure so well? - Body awareness in Figurative Art : Ranna's work in movement is part of how she is very aware of lines of force, tension, and extension in the body as a figurative artist.

Ranna Tai Chi™
Ranna® Yoga™

Ranna ¬ - Tai Chi pic

Ranna ® - yoga pic.

REVIEWER: Ranna's art "...explores the profound while serving as a portal to beauty."
(Kennelly, E., re Island, Continent exhibition by Ranna®, Washington DC.
The author writes for Art & Antiques, Art & Auction, ARTnews.)

Ranna's Art
1970s - 2000

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