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Your Privacy

Ranna believes that you have the right to look around this site without concern about your privacy.

So... We do NOT use any of the following: Ad trackers, Analytic trackers, Social trackers, Content trackers, tracking cookies, third party data analytics, advertising cookies or identifiers, or any of the other practices and tactics that are used by others to follow you around the internet. In other words, this site does NOT have e.g. Google analytics code, code for Google ads (75% of websites have Google trackers in them), code for Facebook functionality, code for Facebook Ads, code for Twitter functionality etc. etc etc. We simply don't do that.

Also, the server on which this site is hosted doesn't use tracking cookies or any other tactics to track you. Your data isn't scraped or harvested, and we do NOT push advertizing at you. This is just a simple art site on a private server.

Privacy Web Browsers: To protect your privacy across the entire internet, Ranna and her company, RannaŽ Arts Incorporated LLC, really like DuckDuckGo and Firefox for desktop and mobile browsing. DuckDuckGo forgets your browsing the instant you quit the application and Firefox can be configured to permanently browse privately and erase all browsing data when the browser is closed. The mobile versions of these browsers - DuckDuckGo mobile app and Firefox Focus for mobile - also erase all your browsing history data when you close them. You can also use the browser add-on https Anywhere and Privacy Badger to ensure privacy in other or older browsers. Both are available at the Electronic Freedom Foundation .

In Fact: Ranna feels that everyone needs browsers or browser add-ons like these to avoid being dehumanized into a 'product' or 'commodity' whom the big guys see as merely a thing to be monetized. For more information about, and rankings of, how companies track you around the internet to make money off you/ your data, take a look at "Terms of Service Didn't Read" Organization - it's an illuminating read. So is "Don't Track Us" and The Electronic Freedom Foundation.

Bottom Line: If you like what you see when you visit this site that's great. If you don't like what you see, that's all fine, too. No harm, no foul... And your privacy has not been affected by a simple visit to this site. By the same token, we ask you to abide by the copyright and trademark rights belonging to Ranna.

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